Fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) from Early Education through 12th Grade

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The world is dramatically changing. Today’s top 10 jobs didn’t exist in 2004, and the 21st Century will experience 20,000 years of growth this century alone! The reality is that today’s students will have 8-15 careers in their lifetime. So, what does this mean for education? We are educating today’s graduates for jobs that may not exist yet, to use technology that hasn’t been invented yet!

Crossroads Christian School is addressing the need to create new ways of engaging learners to excel in an increasingly global classroom by facilitating Collaborative Learning methods. Skills considered most essential for the 21st Century include collaboration, systems thinking, effective socialization and communication, technological proficiency, civic engagement through community service, and emotional intelligence.

Prepared for the Future


Learners at Crossroads Christian School use 21st Century tools they love so that when they graduate they are:

  • A knowledge-seeking person
  • Fluent in technological skills
  • Effective communicators through self and virtual tools
  • Skilled in systems-thinking
  • Team learners and leaders
  • Critical thinkers fluent in reflection/ connection effective analysis and synthesis
  • Self-directed in accomplishing individual and team tasks
  • Quality producers and presenters
  • Contributing citizens to all communities, locally and globally


The Valdez Family

The Difference at Crossroads

Take the Journey with CCS

We know you have options when it comes to your child’s education. But what if one of those options provided an integrated educational journey for your child from preschool to high school?


Start your school experience with us as your child begins to explore oneself in relationship to God, to others and to the environment through planned guided activities


Let us partner with you through the formative years of your child's education.

Middle School

Partner with us as your child moves into adolescence, learning from experts in their subject matter, and enjoying educational field trips that enhance the classroom experience.

High School

Offer your emerging adult the opportunity to understand their individual strengths within a team, solving real-world problems, taking action, and sharing their perspective.


Mandy Diaz

Early Education, Elementary, Executive Team, High School, Leadership, Middle School

Craig Olson

Leadership, School Board
Teaching Pastor at Crossroads Church, School Board Member

Penny Morrison

Early Education, Executive Team
Director of Early Education, Executive Team

Ryan Petrich

Executive Team, Middle School
MS Director, 8th Grade Language Arts Facilitator

Ryan Blalock

Executive Team, High School
HS Director, History Facilitator

Angela Hertica

Elementary, Executive Team
Elementary School Director